Every process of dolls manufacturing in oudoll is inspected by professional stuffs. And all products are made of medical TPE, non-toxic and odorless. Certified by FDA, CPST, EN71 and labeled with CE mark. Here are the detailed explanations of those certifications:

FDA Certified

The US FDA Certificate means the US Food and Drug Administration certification, which is the abbreviation of it. FDA is a public agency corresponding to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare is the US government agency that manages food. Section 501 of the FD&C Act requires domestic and foreign manufacturers to register and list their listings to the FDA in order to sell their devices in the United States. Any attempt to export medical devices manufactured in domestic to the U.S. market requires FDA registration, notification, or approval. Foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical devices certified by FDA have been proven safe and effective for human bodies.

CPST认证 CPST certified

Dongguan CPST Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. (CPST for short) is engaged in industrial product testing, consumer product testing, trade safety, life sciences, and provides comprehensive services including identification, various toy products, food, medicine, cosmetics, food packaging, and contacting materials.

As a comprehensive, professional and international testing organization, CPST has solved many problems of most enterprises with its advanced technology and excellent service, and has won the recognition and trust of many customers and society.

EN71 Certified

EN71 is a set of European Product Safety standard that applies to all toys sold in the European Union. Children are the most concerned and cared group in the whole society. The toys market that children love most is developing rapidly, while many toys create harms to children due to various quality problems.Therefore, the requirements for toys in the worldwide countries is demanding more and more strictly. Many countries have established their own safety regulations for toys products, and manufactures must ensure that their products meet the relevant standards before they can be sold. Manufacturers must be responsible for accidents caused by production defects, poor design or inappropriate materials used. As a result, the EN71 standard launched in Europe is to carry out technical specifications for toy products entering the European market, so as to reduce or avoid the harm of toys to children.

Therefore, the TPE used to manufacture our sex doll has been EN71 certified. It is same safe as children’s toys, and there is no worries that it will hurt your skin.

CE Certified

It is a safety certification marking, which can be regarded as CONFORMITY WITH EUROPEAN — complies with European requirements. The design, manufacturing as well as the entire process of the product have to be comply with the comformity assessment. All products are qualified and can be sold and circulated in EU union.