3 useful tips for repairing your Mini Sex Doll

Mini Sex Dolls are a very durable product. They are strongly built and produced, with the highest quality of materials. Despite their robustness, however, there may come a time when the use of the doll will be noticeable, especially if you are not careful enough. Lucky for you, that you can repair minor damage on the Mini Sex Doll by yourself! We will offer you 4 useful tips to repair the damages with household items you may already have laying around.

The Hairdryer method

You may have a hairdryer laying around your house, as it is a very common household accessory.?This methods helps remove dentures from the TPE skin of your doll.?

To start, get a clean white towel. After that, damp it a little, and use it to cover the dent on the skin of your doll. ?Then, use the hairdryer to heat over the surface area that you covered with the towel.
If done correctly. you will notice how the dent mark starts to disappear. Do this a couple of times.

TPE Glue

This works excellent for areas of the doll that are torn out.?You will need TPE glue and any fine-tipped tool that you may already have, like a popsicle stick or any other wooden tool.

Clean?thoroughly the area of the doll that you’re going ro repair.?This works for getting rid of any grime or oils that may have been gathered with use. We recommend you to use gloves.

Then, apply the glue on the torn area with your tool and join together the two parts of the skin.?It is important that you hold on at least for a minute so the glue does the job correctly.?Remove the excess glue that was squeezed out with a tissue. Use rubbing alcohol to remove the glue from the skin before it dries.?Just make sure there is no tension from the repaired area and leave it dry for 24 hours.

Wet towel method

With use, the weight of your own body impacts the doll with continuous use, and may leave dents,?especially in the knees and arms.?It may also happen if you store your doll in an uncomfortable position overnight.

Take a clean towel,?preferably white as the dye used in the production of the towel can stain your doll, and damp it up with hot water. Be careful, as very hot water is required. Then carefully cover the dentures with the towel for a prolonged period of time. After that, take a kitchen glove and pat the covered area.

You shall repeat this last step until the pressure marks disappear off the skin.?

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