An Ultimate Guide to Fix Your Damaged Mini Sex Doll at Home

Are you struggling with how to fix your damaged sex doll to make it usable and perfect once again? If so, this is the right article for you. In this article, we will be discussing some of the things that you need to know to repair a damaged sex doll successfully. By the end of this article, you will have gained some important information about how to repair your damaged sex doll at home.

To begin with, before we even begin to discuss how to fix your damaged doll, we need to understand what causes damaged sex dolls in the first place. What happens when a sex doll gets damaged? Many possible reasons cause a damaged sex doll. First of all, inadequate storage is the most common reason for sex doll damage. People often buy sex dolls without thinking how and where they’re going to store them. Trying to fit them in tight spaces usually leads to damage, whether it’s physical or slight damage such as discolouration.

Either way, some types of damage can be fixed at home, while other types of damage requires completely changing the damaged part if possible. But let us start from the beginning.

Cleaning Your Sex Doll

One of the most important things about owning a sex doll is regularly cleaning it and disinfecting it. Sex doll manufacturers offer a wide range of substances used to thoroughly clean their products, leaving them dirt-free and smelling fresh. Cleaning a sex doll is not as difficult as you think.

If you think you don’t have enough time to do the entire job yourself, maybe owning a full-sized sex doll isn’t for you. However, if you want to know how a clean sex doll can help fix the damage, you must first understand the reason behind the damage. Stains and smells are caused by the materials used to create the doll-like the stuffing, paint, fabric, and other materials.

Sex dolls require their owners to use specific lubricants if they want the best feeling possible while using them. Some of these lubricants can cause stains, especially if the doll isn’t thoroughly cleaned after use. The same products used for lubrication can get sticky if not removed right after using the sex doll which can cause fabrics to stick to the skin or even cause tearing on the parts that have lubricant left on them.

Stains and odours can also come from all the bodily fluids which are absorbed when the doll is used. Therefore, when we talk about cleaning sex dolls, you should never think of using ordinary household cleaners to clean your dolls, as it can damage the material of the doll and even the skin of the doll. Instead, use only doll cleaning products that are specifically made to clean these fragile products. These special products and solutions are designed to eliminate and reduce the presence of various contaminants to ensure your satisfaction and safety when using your sex dolls.

When cleaning dolls, it is important to apply talcum powder after cleaning. This will eliminate any oils or other liquids that may become sticky after a period of time. By using talcum powder, the doll’s skin will feel more natural and will have a soothing scent. When applying any cleaning or maintenance products to your doll, it is important not to allow the product to soak through the area. Instead, you should apply the product by wiping the area with a soft, dry cloth.

Fixing Your Sex Doll At Home

Firstly, you will need to remove any additional attachments from the doll before attempting to repair anything. For example, if you have hair attached to your doll, you should remove it before moving it forward. Next, you will also need to remove any decorations from the doll. Remember that we are trying to achieve a completely new look for your doll, so if you already have some decorations on your doll, you should remove them before you start the restoration. Now you need to mark all the places where your doll needs to be repaired.

You should visually inspect the entire doll while it is ‘naked’. Once you have decided to repair any type of damage to your sex doll, you should be prepared to repair the whole thing, not just one part. Depending on the severity of the damage, you will need different amounts of time to fully repair all the problems. Improper storage will usually result in a slight dent in the sex doll, which, thank goodness, is easy to repair. There are several methods that can be used to remove indentations caused by improper weight or storage. Using a hot towel is one way to fix a dent in a TPE doll, simply heating a specific part of the doll to remove the damage. Heating dents can also be done with a hair dryer as most sex dolls can withstand temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius.

When it comes to physical damage such as tears and abrasions, there are a few things you can do to repair your toy doll at home. Sex doll manufacturers usually add TPE adhesive to every sex doll purchase as skin tears are a common problem with sex dolls. Whatever the cause of the tear, it can usually be fixed with TPE adhesive.

Preparing the damaged part is half the job, which means you need to prepare the part of the sex doll you need to glue. It is important to remove all oil and dirt as the glue bonds the two pieces better and the torn areas are less visible when fixing. Preparation is also essential for any wear and tear that may occur after a period of time. Using a heat gun or hair dryer will help to remove any scuffs you may find on your sex doll.

If you are unsure that you can repair the damage on your sex doll at home, it is best to contact the manufacturer for tips and instructions on repairing your sex doll. Unfortunately, some damage cannot be repaired, so spare parts or sending your sex doll back to the manufacturer for repair is also an option you need to be prepared for.

Once You Fix Your Doll, Don’t Use It For Two Weeks

Just like its human counterpart, a sex doll needs time to undergo an effective repair process. Allow the glue to dry for a period of time and do not disturb the affected area during the drying period. When the wound is fully healed and the glue is dry, always remember that the damaged area will no longer be new. It will be weaker than the rest of the doll and there is a risk that the same damage will be found again in the same place.

It is also important to note that if you find that your doll is beyond repair, you should consider moving on. If you decide to try and restore your doll, you may experience problems trying to complete the restoration process due to age or severe damage caused.

Many different websites are available to help you understand the process of restoring your original doll. However, keep in mind that if you plan to complete a more detailed doll restoration, you may need a skilled doll restorer.

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