Buyers Guide: 6 Questions Before Buying A Mini Sex Doll

Ask Yourself *This* Before Buying Your First Mini Sex Doll

In the market, realistic sex dolls are that they are not cheap. This is an investment that you need to consider unless you don’t care whether you don’t use it once after purchase and then discard it. If you want to use sex dolls for a long time, you need to know some knowledge about sex doll care. The following ESDOLL editor summarizes 6 maintenance suggestions for the first sex doll in your life.

Question 1. How do you clean sex dolls?

Answer: Cleaning sex dolls after use is necessary to do the work of owning sex dolls. Not only can you keep your doll in good condition, but you can also protect yourself from harm. Fortunately, cleaning your sex doll is a simple process that can be completed in a few minutes.

Question 2: How do I powder my sex dolls after cleaning them? Is it placed directly after powdering?

A: I would like to stress that you must use a plush puff during the process of powdering the sex dolls. After applying the powder, place it flat on a blanket or sheet for about 10 minutes and then store it.

Question 3: I want to wear a dark, pretty sex suit for my sex doll. How many times do I need to wash it and then leave it to dye for a long time?

A: Mix the washing powder with water and let the dark clothing sit for 5-15 minutes and observe if the water is stained. You can also choose an individual body for the stain test. Generally speaking, when the water no longer has any colour, this means that the clothes will not fade. This is particularly relevant to the quality of the clothes. Poor quality clothes generally need to be watered 7-8 times before they do not fade at all.

Q4: Does the body of the sex doll get easily soiled by the clothes?

A: This aspect is mainly related to the clothing. Another point is that the large amount of oil on sex dolls can easily lead to staining. Currently, the rate of oiling on most sex dolls is relatively manageable and is not a critical factor. In general, it is largely dependent on the costume. The original colour of the clothing will not fade. If you are afraid of staining, we recommend wearing a stain-proof base coat or light-coloured clothing.

Question 5: Can sex dolls wear dark clothing for long periods of time?

A: It is strongly recommended that sex dolls do not wear dark clothing for long periods of time. Sex dolls can wear lingerie or nude. The lingerie or underwear must be tested to avoid being stained.

Question 6: How do I care for my sex doll wig?

A: The quality of wigs varies greatly depending on the price and material. Therefore, you can purchase a neutral or alkaline shampoo to make the wig more durable and to prevent residue from damaging the doll’s head. Secondly, after washing, you can use a conditioner to make the sex doll’s wig softer.

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