Tips: How To Store and Hide Your Mini Sex Dolls From Everyone

If you want to buy a doll but are concerned about other people knowing about it, we get it, and we might have some ideas in this article

Living in a space where people have a controversial opinion on love dolls, keeping one could be quite challenging. Remember, not every society welcomes the idea of sex robots nor tools, and this has worsened it all. They think of their use as a taboo and an awkward lifestyle. The idolators already in possession; they call them freaks and miscellaneous members of the society. But how worthy is it to keep your love dolls a secret?

Does Owning A Sex Doll Make You Weird?

Since not everyone appreciates the use and even the existence of sex dolls, owning one sometimes is a real challenge. Worse could be if you live with people who are cynical about the entire idea.

The people we live with are understandable; mothers, wives or other members can investigate, especially if they suspect this sort of thing. To avoid their harsh judgement of them, you can avoid all this by hiding your sexy doll.

Away from the house, you may need to hide your love doll from public view, although some customers may even go on road trips with them or to the grocery shop. But we understand that if you try to keep them away from visitors, even if they enter your home and house – you’ll never know they might be watching you.

At this point, there are plenty of tricks to survive them – no one will find out about your sex robot.

Find A Safe Place To Hide Your Mini Sex Dolls

The total way to keep your sex dolls a secret and for you to survive is to hide them. However, the question remains, where?

Any place where your family members are unlikely to go and stumble upon your dolls is the safest. You can never miss this in your home – search deeper and you will find one. However, the first step to hiding your sex dolls is to compress them.

Sex dolls come in different designs; some are thermoplastic elastomers, while others like silicone sex dolls have removable body parts. Therefore, depending on the nature of their design, you can design them to be as compact as possible before storing them.

Once they have become the perfect small size, you can now hide them away.

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Hanging in the wardrobe (Closet)

This is the preferred and most recommended option. Most dolls allow you to keep their heads separate and can be hung around their necks with a special storage hook we provide, this is how the dolls are handled and stored in the factory, this prevents certain body parts of the doll from being flattened if the doll is lying in a particular position or certain body parts are resting on a hard surface for long periods of time, often, if lying flat for long periods of time, the hips and chest may flatten out. Ask our team to see if this option is available for your doll.

We recommend covering your doll with a dust bag to protect her from stains, dust etc

Under your bed

While under the bed may be a possible place to hide items such as sex dolls and toys, according to some customers, sometimes under the bed is the safest, but may not be the best place to put your doll. It may surprise you to know that in a real sense, most people check your wardrobe when they are looking for something, not under the bed.

However, that said, you shouldn’t also go right through the doll under your bed thinking no one will see it. You have to be strategic. Here’s how.

Lock your dolls in a box. A lockable flight case is the best option. That way, it will be hard to notice it.

Use padding – just slide your doll under the bed and that will be near madness. Use at least some cloth padding to prevent anyone from seeing it.

Hiding your doll in the utility room?

If you have an extra room for storing some old household items/farm equipment, you can use that to hide it too. Few people will suspect you have a cute full-size sex doll hidden in there.

Okay, so while a utility room may be safe enough, there are some challenges. One of the main ones is how you transport your big-ass doll to your room without anyone seeing or noticing you. Let’s say you wrap it up in a piece of clothing and manage to sneak it in; when your wife knocks on the door or opens it, do you tell her what you’re doing?

Now the only safest place to hide your sex doll is in the bedroom, you just have to be extra careful. Any small mistake could make you feel very embarrassed.

Types of sex dolls you can easily hide

If you are going to hide your love doll, then you need to get the most convenient one. By this, we mean those that are highly portable and reliable to store. However, it also depends on the person you are trying to hide the doll from. If it is your neighbour, then even a large full size sex doll is appropriate. All you have to do is keep it locked away in a safe place in your bedroom. Usually, no one comes to your bedroom when you are alone; however, as a precaution, you can hide it away in case any unexpected guests crowd into your room.

If you live together, many of you, possibly as a family, then the challenges in this area increase. However, the best option is to use lightweight dolls, torsos or any other sex doll parts with easy-to-carry features. Also, in this regard, you must be concerned about their size. A full-size sex doll is usually bulky and requires more storage space.

It feels much more comfortable when dealing with the torso. They require very little storage space and are much lighter in weight. It is easy to hide them under the bed, in a wardrobe or in any safe area of the house when someone knocks on your door.

Key Factors To Remember When Hiding Your Mini Sex Dolls

Where you put your doll is very important for its safety and durability. Dusty and foggy environments are completely inappropriate for the storage of any sex doll. The mixture of the two can easily interfere with its structural design. Too much dust can clog up moving parts, and prolonged exposure to moisture can damage the skin, as well as cause internal metal parts to rust. You can buy a dust bag to avoid these problems.

Another factor to consider is storage duration. Hiding your sex doll, especially if it’s inappropriate, will only cause more damage. If someone ambushes you and you hide the doll under the bed, take it out and put it in a suitable place – preferably in a box.

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